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Yield production calculation

The automatic closing process for work orders, as its name suggests, automatically closes work orders if they meet certain pre-established criteria. Among other things, there should not be any work in progress in the work order. But it often happens that non-conformities leading to rejection occur. When this happens, it is not possible to meet the quantity stated on the work order. The auto-close process cannot close this work order. It is therefore classified as an exception and must be closed manually.

With the calculation of the yield (Production Yield), the quantity to be produced on a work order can be automatically adjusted according to the rejects during production.

During this training, you will learn how to configure and run the automatic work order closing process. You will also learn how to configure and use the work order yield calculation.

Following this training, you will be able to maximize the number of work orders that can be closed automatically in your business. This will free up analysis time since work orders will only close if they meet all the criteria you have established. As a side effect, but not insignificant, MRP will be notified more quickly that you will not meet the desired quantity on your work orders.

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Course content

During this course, using scenarios and real-life examples, you will learn how to configure the master files that will have an impact on the automatic closing of work orders. You will learn how to run the process and interpret the results of automatically closing work orders. You will learn how to configure the master files that influence the production yield calculation and how to run it.


  • Members of the Continuous Improvement Team;
  • Controller;
  • Director of Operations;
  • Planner;
  • Responsible for quality;
  • Responsible for production;
  • Member of information technology.


To maximize the benefits of this training, it would be an asset for those attending this course to have taken the following training:

  • The navigation course;
  • The course on manufacturing foundations;
  • The work order course;
  • The work order management module course;
  • The course on the MES module.

(recommended, but not mandatory)

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