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Package Control ID (PCIDs)

You have probably heard of “License plating” or “Carton ID”. PCIDs are Epicor’s version of these concepts. This feature was eagerly awaited. Now that this feature covers more and more transactions in Epicor, now is a good time to learn and understand all the benefits of PCIDs.

PCIDs are mainly used to group different items in a container or packaging. During this training, you will learn how to configure PCIDs. You will learn to differentiate between the different types of PCID. Through real-case simulations, you will be able to learn the different possible transactions with PCIDs such as picks, inventory moves, inventory manufacturing receipts and many more.

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During this course, using scenarios and real-life examples, you will learn how to perform the following transactions using PCID:

  • Collection and preparation of a sales order shipping slip;
  • Collection and preparation of transfer voucher;
  • Construction of PCID;
  • Receipt of vouchers and storage in stock (putaway);
  • Manufacturing receipts in stock (Receipt Putaway job);
  • Generation of PCID;
  • Inventory allocation by PCID;
  • Inventory transfers by PCID;
  • Quantity adjustments by PCID.


  • Members of the Continuous Improvement Team;
  • Director of Operations;
  • Reception manager;
  • Responsible for shipping;
  • Responsible for quality;
  • Responsible for production;
  • Responsible for storage;
  • Member of information technology.


To maximize the benefits of this training, it would be an asset for those attending this course to have taken the following training:

  • The navigation course;
  • The course on the Fulfillment Workbench;
  • The inventory module course;
  • The Advanced Equipment Management Course;
  • The reception course;
  • The shipping course;
  • The Data Collection Course (MES).

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